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Few photos from our lately trip to France, Nice. We stayed for 6 days in August. I loved the city – even tho there were too hot and too many people. This was the perfect place to be just on the beach. And eat well – I fell in love with mussels. We had a lovely Airbnb at promenade, hosted by an old couple who lived in the next door. They were from Paris and Nice was their ”summer cottage.” Even tho they didn’t speak much English, we managed to understand each other. My co-worker warned me about the expensive price level. I think it was the same as in Finland – only wine and groceries were cheaper. 

Maybe Nice is your next location. I recommend it if you want an easy trip.


  1. pedrol

    had the chance to live in Nice and totally loved it 🙂 it was the perfect city to learn french and work for some months 🙂 great photos! regards from sunny Lisbon, PedroL


    1. That sounds amazing – you were really lucky to live there. Nice is beautiful city and I bet it feels more and more that when you stay little longer. And regards back to you, from less sunny Finland haha 😀 – Emilia

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