Emilia Hämäläinen

29 October 2018


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I finally got a change to go to Copenhagen – the beautiful capital of the Denmark. The city is known as a trendy place, also they say there’s more bicycles than people (bike culture is high level for sure). The city is now popular place to travel and I’ve seen it in social media. So, we booked cheap flights from Norwegian’s autumn sale and packed our bags. We stayed 3 nights in lovely airbnb (as usually). Our apartment was in a cozy neighborhood, close to everything. Above you can see two photos from our street. Below can you see the apartment itself. It was bohemian and the pallet was a brilliant idea for a dinner table. The apartment also had a nice balcony.


After all, we didn’t borrow any bicycle, but we bought 72 hours city pass. With the city pass you can use bus and metro as much as you like. The price wasn’t bad, only 28 euros.  You can buy it from the airport and take the metro to the city center.

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We wanted to go with the flow – so we had only a few planned must see places: 

  • Botanical Gardens
  • Tivoli
  • Christiania
  • Kodbyen = Meatpacking District
  • National Museum of Denmark

I liked the Botanical Gardens, so above and below are photos from there. I love greenhouses and there was also tropical plant side, where you felt like you were in Asia. On the first day we went only two attractions – we left the rest for the next day. 

_A202465 _A202504_A202440_A202558
_A202488 _A202515
PA202538 _A202563

We were looking for a toilet and we got a tip about Illum, a popular rooftop bar. So we sit down and had a glass of wine. The Copenhagen is expensive city. In the grocery store, we bought a bottle of wine, hummus and cheap pasta ingredients for 40 euros. But okay, once you’ve experienced the Iceland’s price level, nothing feels that bad.


Our first day ended to the Tivoli Gardens. I didn’t go any ride as others, but I did like ’hot wine’ (glögi as we Finns call it) and the view. The Tivoli’s architecture and lights were beautiful. This is definitely an attraction in the evening. 

Stay tuned – more photos coming. Next post I will tell you about restaurants and shopping in Copenhagen. 


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