Emilia Hämäläinen

6 November 2018


The Sunday sunrise from our balcony. This was our second day and we’re ready to explore more. But first, let’s talk about, what else but food! Scroll down to find more. 


We found heartbreaking good vegan restaurants. Friend of mine tell me about Souls, so we went to sunday brunch to there. The menu had different doses to choose from – mine was closer to 18 euros. It included fruits, bread, hummus, pancakes, yogurt with muesli and vegetables. And for dinner? By change we found a restaurant named Plant Power Food  – it’s also highly recommended. Kopal Rice was small, hidden Korean Restaurant. Papa Ramen (surprise) offered ramen soup. 

  • Souls (brunch!)
  • Plant Power Food
  • Kopal Rice
  • Papa Ramen

_A212675 _A212684

National Museum of Denmark

_A212691 _A212694
_A212695 _A212768
_A212783 _A212788

Freetown of Christiania. 100 % bohemian and it was crazy this place to be there middle of everything. It was like you had dived into a secret village and found out it’s true spirit – including the people, who sold weed, when there wasn’t policies around. There were incredible houses, one with dragon-like smokestack (Narnia fan, perhaps? Well, me too). Taking photos in the area is not allowed and we took these in a peaceful place. 


The Meatpacking district. This area is popular and full of different restaurants and bars. 
PA212764 PA212718 PA212724 _A222824 _A222800

I wanted to find a good second hand and vintage shops – luckily the Copenhagen had lot of options. There’s plenty of shops that sells brands – for example, I found Levi’s jeans for 38 euros. If you’re ready to spend time in there you can find almost anything. I’m really sad that in my hometown Tampere, flea markets aren’t the same level. Nowadays I buy most of my clothing from there. Anyway, here is some shops we visited: 

  • Wasteland
  • Episode
  • Golden Age


Sadly, our time run out way too fast. Before I noticed, I was sitting in the airport. The Copenhagen is definitely a stylish capital city.  There’s kind of inspiration, that you can only experience there. I also understand why some Finns want to move there – my best friend has a few friends living in the city. Thank you Copenhagen for treating us well!

And by the way,  I’m leaving tomorrow to explore a new place. Shh for now, but I will tell you more soon. 


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