Emilia Hämäläinen


 In Wednesday I flew to the Canary Islands, Tenerife with my family. My expectations about Tenerife were contradictory: I already saw in my eyes many sun loungers and tourists shops. I knew that Tenerife had a bad reputation due to the huge amount of tourists – or maybe it’s just me, who feels it’s a bad thing. Even my co-worker laughed and said how Tenerife wasn’t the first place where she would travel. Well yeah, before I also laugh and say the same. For now, I just feel sad how we see the island. Because, it doesn’t matter where are you, there’s always options for everyone –  some likes to explore nature and the others like shopping and partying. And some likes all of those things together.


The Tenerife is a volcano island. For me, just like a southern version of Iceland. There’s beautiful barren nature with black sand, cactuses and mountains. The island is a popular hiking destination, as well people come to surf there.  There’s also bigger mountains and a famous volcano Teide. There’s small villages like Masca and the city Garachino with it’s natural pools. And for sun lovers – don’t worry there’s also that beach with sun loungers. 

_B092268 _B092286

These photos are from Chayofita, a small mountain. It’s possible to hike around in almost an hour. We’re staying in Los Christianos, a bit more peaceful village. Here is shops and great restaurants, but less people. Next time I could still choose calmer village (because I’m a hermit). We return home on a Tuesday night, so we have a couple of days left.

Anyway, above are my first edited photos – I will post more photos soon. 


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