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Hello! I’ve been little busy with everything, so I almost forgot to publish the the final photos from Tenerife. Sorry for that. Anyway these photos show maybe the most beautiful parts of the island – mountains, nature and natural pools. We visited in Teide and the place was like another world. We’re above the clouds, so we’re able to see the perfect blue sky. I got a huge Star Wars or another sci-fi movie vibes from the landscape. Actually, Star Wars has been filmed in National Park of the Teide. In Garachico we saw the natural pools. In November the natural pools were closed because of the high waves. After our trip, I read how the waves had destroyed the balconies of a hotel. Tourists had to be evacuated. Masca, a little village in the mountains was maybe the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. I also decided to build my future home to there (my dad promised to do it, when I get the money haha.) You can find from Airbnb the house for rent in Masca. One month rental is only 1200 euros, so not bad if you’re traveling in a group – high recommendation!

Tenerife is definitely place to go. I recommend to change location from tourist beaches to smaller villages – there’s lots of options, if you’re ready to find out.


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