bajamarEmilia Hämäläinen 17 March 2019 Well hello! I’ve been traveling in Tenerife for 1,5 month in Bajamar and also in Punta del Hidalgo. Both places are located on the northern side of the island. Bajamar is a small place in the sea, with natural pools and mountain views. Punta del Hidalgo is next to the Bajamar, sharing the amazing landscapes. The people that I saw, were surfers, hikers or local people – so there was pretty peaceful. And I liked it. Really much. I had two Airbnb apartments, first with mountain view and second with sea view. I needed a…


TRAVEL, TENERIFE22.12.2018Emilia Hämäläinen Hello! I’ve been little busy with everything, so I almost forgot to publish the the final photos from Tenerife. Sorry for that. Anyway these photos show maybe the most beautiful parts of the island – mountains, nature and natural pools. We visited in Teide and the place was like another world. We’re above the clouds, so we’re able to see the perfect blue sky. I got a huge Star Wars or another sci-fi movie vibes from the landscape. Actually, Star Wars has been filmed in National Park of the Teide. In Garachico we saw the natural pools….


TRAVEL 11.11.2018 Emilia Hämäläinen  In Wednesday I flew to the Canary Islands, Tenerife with my family. My expectations about Tenerife were contradictory: I already saw in my eyes many sun loungers and tourists shops. I knew that Tenerife had a bad reputation due to the huge amount of tourists – or maybe it’s just me, who feels it’s a bad thing. Even my co-worker laughed and said how Tenerife wasn’t the first place where she would travel. Well yeah, before I also laugh and say the same. For now, I just feel sad how we see the island. Because, it doesn’t…


copenhagen Emilia Hämäläinen 29 October 2018   I finally got a change to go to Copenhagen – the beautiful capital of the Denmark. The city is known as a trendy place, also they say there’s more bicycles than people (bike culture is high level for sure). The city is now popular place to travel and I’ve seen it in social media. So, we booked cheap flights from Norwegian’s autumn sale and packed our bags. We stayed 3 nights in lovely airbnb (as usually). Our apartment was in a cozy neighborhood, close to everything. Above you can see two photos from our street….


NATURE 11.10.2018 Emilia Hämäläinen Kurjenrahka National Park is close to Turku (only half an hour by car). I’ve never been there before and the visit was incredible. Lucky we had a good weather and beautiful ”ruska” with it. Finnish autumn is a wonderful time to spend time in nature for sure. Nowadays the natural parks have begun to attract me – and there’re still many places I want to go. 


TRAVEL 2.10.2018 Emilia Hämäläinen Few photos from our lately trip to France, Nice. We stayed for 6 days in August. I loved the city – even tho there were too hot and too many people. This was the perfect place to be just on the beach. And eat well – I fell in love with mussels. We had a lovely Airbnb at promenade, hosted by an old couple who lived in the next door. They were from Paris and Nice was their ”summer cottage.” Even tho they didn’t speak much English, we managed to understand each other. My co-worker warned me…

HANKO 07/2018

HANKO, TRAVEL Emilia Hämäläinen This summer, I went to Hanko for the first time. That is a place Finns call as a Hamptons of the Finland. White sand and long beaches, luxury boats and beautiful villas. The place is small and about 8 506 people live there. There is a little shopping street and nice local restaurants (located in an old factory building!!!). We went to eat the most delicious pasta to Hangon Makaronitehdas – they just do the best pasta (not kidding). Luckily my best friend had heard of that place. I could go there anytime and write just…


NEW YORK, TRAVEL Emilia nd back again! Next I’m going to tell you about the good restaurants, spots, shops and everything between them. There was so much to see, and some things had to leave for the next time. For me (as a culinary person) – finding a good food was one of the most important thing. We tried to find the most ramen soup and sushi – and we did it! When you roll down this post, you will find my recommendations. Usually people travel to New York for a week, but I think that two weeks was a better time…


NEW YORK, TRAVEL Emilia   inally back in here with a few more photos from NYC. I decided to split those into more than one post.  In this post, I will tell you about our Airbnb and some basic stuff. Please leave a comment if you have any questions. Even tho, this was the first time for me in New York – I’ll do my best.  Protip: forget a hotel full of tourists at Time Square and choose apartment in lower Manhattan. Why? Just think about that fresh takeway coffee from your nearby cafe. See some holding men try to…


Photos (4 latest) by Joonas Repo Photos (3 latest) by Joonas Repo Hi! Here are the first photos from our 11-day New York trip. The photos were taken by me and my boyfriend Joonas. And a few words about the city? I totally fell in love, as everyone before me has. I was positively surprised how cozy the place was. No worries, I’ll write a better post (maybe more than just one) with more photos and I tell more about it. Emilia