TRAVEL, TENERIFE22.12.2018Emilia Hämäläinen Hello! I’ve been little busy with everything, so I almost forgot to publish the the final photos from Tenerife. Sorry for that. Anyway these photos show maybe the most beautiful parts of the island – mountains, nature and natural pools. We visited in Teide and the place was like another world. We’re above the clouds, so we’re able to see the perfect blue sky. I got a huge Star Wars or another sci-fi movie vibes from the landscape. Actually, Star Wars has been filmed in National Park of the Teide. In Garachico we saw the natural pools….


TRAVEL 11.11.2018 Emilia Hämäläinen  In Wednesday I flew to the Canary Islands, Tenerife with my family. My expectations about Tenerife were contradictory: I already saw in my eyes many sun loungers and tourists shops. I knew that Tenerife had a bad reputation due to the huge amount of tourists – or maybe it’s just me, who feels it’s a bad thing. Even my co-worker laughed and said how Tenerife wasn’t the first place where she would travel. Well yeah, before I also laugh and say the same. For now, I just feel sad how we see the island. Because, it doesn’t…