TRAVEL, TENERIFE22.12.2018Emilia Hämäläinen Hello! I’ve been little busy with everything, so I almost forgot to publish the the final photos from Tenerife. Sorry for that. Anyway these photos show maybe the most beautiful parts of the island – mountains, nature and natural pools. We visited in Teide and the place was like another world. We’re above the clouds, so we’re able to see the perfect blue sky. I got a huge Star Wars or another sci-fi movie vibes from the landscape. Actually, Star Wars has been filmed in National Park of the Teide. In Garachico we saw the natural pools….


copenhagen Emilia Hämäläinen 29 October 2018   I finally got a change to go to Copenhagen – the beautiful capital of the Denmark. The city is known as a trendy place, also they say there’s more bicycles than people (bike culture is high level for sure). The city is now popular place to travel and I’ve seen it in social media. So, we booked cheap flights from Norwegian’s autumn sale and packed our bags. We stayed 3 nights in lovely airbnb (as usually). Our apartment was in a cozy neighborhood, close to everything. Above you can see two photos from our street….

HANKO 07/2018

HANKO, TRAVEL Emilia Hämäläinen This summer, I went to Hanko for the first time. That is a place Finns call as a Hamptons of the Finland. White sand and long beaches, luxury boats and beautiful villas. The place is small and about 8 506 people live there. There is a little shopping street and nice local restaurants (located in an old factory building!!!). We went to eat the most delicious pasta to Hangon Makaronitehdas – they just do the best pasta (not kidding). Luckily my best friend had heard of that place. I could go there anytime and write just…